Tattoo’s Technical Future?

Nokia has filed a US patent for the first-ever magnetic tattoo ink, which is to be used as an internal mobile phone alert. Once paired with a device, the magnetic ink will cause a slight vibration in the skin of the user – alerting him/her to new messages, incoming calls, low battery, etc. No word yet wether the tattoo will be visible or invisible.

Is this the future of the tattoo industry? What do you think of the tattoo-technology link?

More information can be found at this BBC news article.


Bloodline Team Update

Bloodline Team members Vinnie “Hottdogg” Romero and “Timeless” Colt Brown added to their trophy collection at the Immersed In Ink Reno convention this last weekend.
Vinnie took home first place for small color and three second place trophies for tattoo of the day. Timeless Colt Brown took home Best Tattoo of the Day, first place Photoshop Portrait and a second place trophy for Color Portrait.
Congratulations to them!! Stay tuned for more team news.